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Peacekeeping Resource Hub

The Peacekeeping Resource Hub hosts relevant peacekeeping guidance and training materials for Member States to train prospective peacekeepers. It contains both guidance and training documents on a variety of thematic areas including on Child Protection,


Welcome to the ITS update. This electronic newsletter, issued three times per year, provides updates on guidance and training materials development, as well as offering direct access to the UN Core Pre-Deployment Training Materials (CPTM), and Specialised Training Materials (STMs). ITS develops training standards, guidance (policies, SOPs, manuals and handbooks) and materials; develops and delivers cross-cutting peacekeeping training and oversees peacekeeping training activities and provides technical support. 

Guidance Update                                                                  (To download, click on the hyperlinks below)

New translated guidance materials

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Member State-provided Military Mobile Training Teams is now available in both English and French.  The SOP provides troop contributing countries (TCCs) with an outline process of planning and deploying Member State-provided Military Mobile Training Teams to peacekeeping operations and explains the division of responsibilities. The SOP can be downloaded in English and French below.

English | French

Guidelines for Conducting Peacekeeping Training Needs Assessments

The Guidelines for Conducting Peacekeeping Training Needs Assessments are now available in all six official UN languages.  The guidelines provide peacekeeping trainers with step-by-step guidance on how to conduct peacekeeping training needs assessments. All six language versions of the guidelines can be downloaded below.

Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish

UN Peacekeeping Resource Hub is now available in all six official languages of the UN

The updated UN Peacekeeping Resource Hub is online and now available to access by Member States in all six languages of the UN. The resource hub provides policy and guidance, training materials, and evaluation information in addition to news and events. In the training section of the hub, you will be able to download UN peacekeeping guidance relevant to training such as policies, standard operating procedures, guidelines, and manuals. Also available for download is the Core Pre-deployment Training Materials (CPTM), 12 sets of Specialized Training Materials (STMs), and 8 sets of Reinforcement Training Packages (RTPs). As ITS and other UN entities develop peacekeeping training materials, they also will be hosted on the resource hub and available for download here.

The UN Peacekeeping Resource Hub also hosts policy and guidance materials here, and news and events here.

Enhancing Peacekeeping

Survey underway on Member State peacekeeping capacity-building activities

The Light Coordination Mechanism (LCM) has circulated its fourth survey of 2023 to gain insight into troop and police contributing countries (T/PCCs) participation in peacekeeping capacity-building activities, both as providers and recipients of military and police capacity-building support. We request all T/PCCs to fill out the survey by 15 October 2023. Kindly forward the survey to any military and police capacity-building experts in your respective country, which can be accessed by clicking here. For more information about this survey, please email and

Lessons learned from deployment in MINUSMA

The LCM is encouraging Member State’ peacekeeping training centres to share lessons learned and good practices or innovations from their preparations for and/or deployments in UN Peace Operations. We are particularly interested to hear from Member States who are currently deployed in MINUSMA or who have recently withdrawn their deployments from MINUSMA. If you are interested in sharing your experiences, please contact the LCM at

Second Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) conference on UN Peace Operations

Through 2023, the LCM has continued to extend its support for establishing regional cooperation networks to foster collaboration in the realms of UN peacekeeping preparation, financing, equipment provision, deployment, and sustainability. Support included the provision of technical and financial support to the organization of the 2nd LAC Conference on UN Peace Operations, which took place on 11-12 September in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which resulted in a declaration as well as the constitutive statute of the LAC Regional Network in the field of peacekeeping operations.

Independent study on contributions of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to UN peace operations

The independent study was commissioned by the LCM to provide support to Member States in the LAC region to analyze regional contributions to peacekeeping. The study, which was authored by Professor Koops of the Global Governance Institute, provides a set of recommendations to enhance participation from the LAC region and is available on request by emailing Sophie Aloë at  

Training Update                                                                       

Update on the UN Staff Officers specialized training materials review

The UN Staff Officers (UNSO) specialized training materials (STMs) are being updated.  These prepare military staff officers to implement military aspects of UN peacekeeping mandates, perform military functions and demonstrate the core values and competencies of the UN. The review workshop and pilot course aim to further develop the UNSO STMs in line with current peacekeeping training guidance and doctrine.  The new material is expected to be released in 2024.

  • Between 9 – 20 Oct 2023, ITS with the Office of Military Affairs (OMA) will conduct the second review workshop of the UNSO STM ToT in Entebbe, Uganda with subject matter experts from Africa, Asia and Pacific and Europe regions.
  • Between 19 Feb – 8 Mar 2024, ITS with the Government of Serbia will conduct a UNSO pilot course with Member State national trainers from all regions. The call for nominations for the pilot course will be sent in November 2023.

UN Operational Logistics Reinforcement Training Package training of trainer’s courses

The UN Operational Logistic Reinforcement Training Package (OPLOG RTP) provides understanding of policies directing the employment of logistics support, mission logistics support management and command and control. The RTP also better prepares uniformed commanders, planners and logisticians to engage effectively with mission support to enhance logistics support in UN peace operations.

  • Between 30 October and 10 November 2023, ITS with the Government of Nepal will conduct a OPLOG RTP training of trainers (ToT) course for Member State national training from Asia and Pacific region. Nominations have closed.
  • Between 13-24 November 2023, ITS with the Government of Peru will conduct a OPLOG RTP ToT course for Member State trainers from the Americas region. The call for nominations has been sent by the United States Global Peace Operations Initiative in August 2023.   

Update on the development of the new course on Women’s military UN peacekeeping operations

In accordance with Security Council Resolutions 2242, 2538 and 1325, UN Women, with support from ITS, has developed a new Women’s Military Peacekeeping Operations Course (WMPOC) aimed at increasing women’s participation in UN peacekeeping operations. WMPOC will provide women peacekeepers with the required knowledge to foster their development and contributions to UN peacekeeping operations.

  • Between 6–24 November 2023, ITS with the Government of the Republic of Senegal is conducting a francophone course for Member State personnel from the Africa region. The call for nominations is currently open.
  • Between 11–29 March 2024, ITS with the Government of Kenya is conducting a course for Member State national trainers from the Africa region. The call for nominations will be sent in December 2023.

Upcoming UN Police training architecture programmes

The UNPOL Training Architecture Programme aims to update current UNPOL pre-deployment training by ensuring its compliance with the Strategic Guidance Framework for International Policing (SGF) and other relevant UN guidance. As part of this effort, three job-specific trainings were developed for Individual Police Officers, including, community-orientated policing (COP), police monitoring, mentoring, and advising (MMA), and police capacity-building and development (CBD). ITS with the Police Division (PD) and the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) will conduct the following courses as part of the UNPOL architecture programme:

  • In Nepal from 3-19 October 2023 for Member State national trainers from the Asia and Pacific region, as well as Australia and United States. The Police Division sent the call for nominations in April 2023 and are still open.
  • In Brindisi, Italy, from 27 November to 20 December 2023 for a pilot of the Formed Police Unit Command Staff course for a Francophone Member State national trainers from the African region. The Police Division sent the call for nominations at the end of August 2023. 

National Investigations Officers Specialized Training Materials Training of Trainers in Entebbe, Uganda

Between 11-22 March 2024, ITS will conduct a training of trainer course for National Investigation Officers (NIO) ToT in Entebbe, Uganda for Member State national trainers from the Africa and Asia and Pacific regions. National investigation officers have a key role in the implementation of the UN zero tolerance policy on sexual exploitation and abuse. The NIO course aims to provide TCCs with comprehensive training combining legal frameworks, national laws, conduct and discipline standards, sexual abuse and exploitation and investigation techniques. The call for nominations will be sent in December 2023.

Further training of training courses in planning for 2024

  • The Force Protection Reinforcement Training Package (FORPRO RTP) is a new course.  It provides T/PCCs with the conceptual, legal, and operational frameworks required to support tactical planning of units to operate in peacekeeping operations. The FORPRO RTP was developed in response to the dos Santos Cruz report highlighting the end to ‘Chapter VI-style’ peacekeeping and the need for changing mindsets, risk taking, and a willingness to face new challenges.
  • UN Infantry Battalion Specialized Training Materials (UNIBAT STMs), which provides T/PCCs the conceptual, legal, and operational frameworks required for Infantry Battalions, Companies, and other UN Military Units with Infantry Capabilities such as Special Forces Units. The STMs also include small exercises and a larger capstone scenario-based exercise,  which can be run at the end of the training to strengthen the understanding of the planning processes at the tactical level of peacekeeping operations.

Dates, venue and call for nominations information on the above courses will be included in the December 2023 issue.


ITS Training Calendar                                                                                   

The ITS training calendar is available here, and provides information on upcoming training courses for Member States throughout 2023, with course requirements including language and the intended audience. Calls for nominations will continue to be made through respective Permanent Missions, which will in turn send their T/PCC nominations to ITS.


Pre-Deployment Training Materials                                                                                   

UN Core Pre-Deployment Training Materials (CPTM) - English | French | Spanish

Reinforcement Training Packages (RTPs)

Comprehensive Protection of Civilians (CPOC) Package for UN Military - English | French | Spanish

Comprehensive Protection of Civilians (CPOC) Package for UN Police - English

Child Protection for UN Police - Arabic | English | French

Child Protection for UN Military - English

RTP for UN Military Peacekeeping-Intelligence Officers – English| French | Spanish

RTP for UN Operational Logistics (OPLOG) – English

RTP for UN Peacekeeping-Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (PKISR) – English

RTP for UN Engagement Platoon (UNEP) – English

RTP for UN Military Gender Advisors (UNMGA) – English

Specialised Training Materials (STMs)

STM for National Investigation Officers - English

STM for UN Military Observers - English | French

STM for UN Military Staff Officers - English

STMs for UN Military Units - English

(Force HQ; Maritime; Aviation; Engineers; Logistics; Police; Riverine; Signals; Transport; Special Forces; and Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

STM on Mission-Specific Infantry Battalions - English

STM for UN Police Officers - English | Arabic

STM for Formed Police Units - English

STM on UN Civil-Military Coordination - Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish

STM for Child Protection Staff Deployed in UN Missions – English

STM on Conflict-Related Sexual Violence - English

STM on Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Personnel - English | French

STM on Training of Trainers - English | French

COVID-19 UN Pre-deployment Training Materials - English | French

Deployment Review Digital Toolkit

The Deployment Review Digital Toolkit is a mobile application to enhance the impact of UN peacekeeping operations through the collection and sharing of best practices related to uniformed capabilities. The app includes lessons-learned methodology and platform to assist troop- and police-contributing countries (T/PCCs) establish and develop their own lessons-learning processes, facilitating knowledge-sharing among deployed personnel. Member States can capture, analyze, review the successes, innovations, and challenges from their operational experiences to improve the training preparation and support phases of deployment, improve performance and mandate delivery, and increase the safety and security of their personnel.  

The app does not collect user data, making it a safe and user-friendly digital toolkit to complement existing information-sharing systems and can serve as a blueprint for systems that are yet to be developed. To download, scan the QR code with your mobile device. 

For more information, please contact the Light Coordination Mechanism (LCM) at

The policies, guidelines and training materials within this update can all be accessed via the direct links above and are hosted on the UN Resource Hub. If you have questions about the Integrated Training Service and its activities, please email

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