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United Nations Military Peacekeeping-Intelligence Officers (MPKIO)

United Nations Military Peacekeeping-Intelligence Officers (MPKIO) - Background & Aim

The UN Department of Peace Operations developed a suite of training packages to prepare peacekeepers for their deployment to UN missions. Amongst these packages are the Specialised / Reinforcement Training Materials for specific military duties and military units. In the peacekeeping environment, United Nations personnel may operate in remote areas with fragile security conditions. Peace Operations are evolving and adapting in this complex operational environment. United Nations Staff Officers (UNSO), specifically Military Peacekeeping-Intelligence Officers (MPKIO) are required to undergo a robust pre-deployment training program in accordance with DPO's Operational Readiness Assurance and Performance Standards. This Reinforcement Training Material (RTP) packet will provide member states with the UN pre-deployment requirements, lessons, and materials specifically designed for MPKIO. The intent and content of this RTP are not to duplicate guidelines and training materials that are already outlined in United Nations Military Staff Officers training materials or the Core Pre-Deployment Training Materials (CPTM); instead, these training materials focus on the intelligence frameworks and will supplement and expand on the UNSO lessons to better prepare the MPKIO for UN peacekeeping missions. 

The 2017 General dos Santos Cruz report identifies a Peacekeeping environment that features armed groups, terrorists, organised crime, street gangs, criminal and political exploitation, and other threats against UN forces and civilian populations. The report noted, “The era of “Chapter VI-style” peacekeeping is over, but the United Nations and Troop/Police, Contributing Countries are, by and large, still gripped by a “Chapter VI Syndrome. If the United Nations and T/PCCs do not change their mindset, take risks and show a willingness to face these new challenges, they will be consciously sending troops into harm’s way. To prevent casualties, peacekeeping missions need tactical intelligence”. UN forces must translate intelligence into tasks and actions that support security. We lack the basic intelligence system, management, networks of human intelligence, and situational awareness. The aim of this RTP for the MPKIO is to support the pre-deployment training efforts of Troop Contributing Countries by providing UN DPO training standards for an MPKIO to ensure a common approach to work at the Force and Sector levels in UN peace operations. These training materials are a comprehensive training package that combines the Conceptual, Legal, and Operational Frameworks. The RTP mainstreams relevant aspects of the DPO Policy on Peacekeeping Intelligence, the Protection of Civilians, Gender, Security and Risk Management (SRM) into the intelligence frameworks and materials. The RTP includes learning activities/exercises, as well as a more comprehensive scenario-based exercise to be run at the end of a course to strengthen participants’ understanding of how to better operate in a UN Peacekeeping environment. The training packages are designed for application in both pre-deployment and in-mission training.

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United Nations Reinforcement Training Package for United Nations Military Peacekeeping-Intelligence Officers For United Nations Peace Operations (Full) (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

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Annex D - References (MPKI Handbook, Phase One Brief Production, UN PK Intelligence Policy) 

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