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Operational Logistics Reinforcement Training Package (OPLOG)

Operational Logistics Reinforcement Training Package (OPLOG)

A training gap for uniformed personnel has been identified regarding UN operational logistics. It arises from the fact that the UN Mission Logistics framework is markedly different from that of a national military deployment. This changes the roles and responsibilities of both uniformed personnel and units. Differences include fiduciary responsibilities, planning functions, nature of activities and organisations requiring support, sources of support and the complexities of multinational cooperation. Terminology has different meanings, and assumptions and principles of planning and support vary. Differences in scope, responsibilities, and policy exceed what a professional logistics staff officer from a Troop Contributing Country (TCC) or a Police Contributing Country(PCC) could reasonably expect or anticipate. As per (2019.23) Policy on Authority Command and Control in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, UN operational (in-mission) logistics encompasses services beyond traditional military logistics. 

The Reinforcement Training Package (RTP) on Operational Logistics (OPLOG) is published to standardise the Logistics training of all Logistics Officers, Planners and Practitioners deploying or deployed to UN Peace operations. The OPLOG RTP for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations has been developed by the Integrated Training Service (ITS) of the UN Department of Peace Operations.

The RTP is intended for personnel deployed in logistics functions in field missions.  This material is not intended for use in pre-deployment training.  It is available on the peacekeeping resource hub as an information resource for Member States and Field Missions. The suite of RTP products will be regularly updated so that it is fully responsive to the needs on the ground. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you check for updated versions before a training programme is conducted.

The target audience of this package are trainers of logistics officers, planners and commanders who are deployed in Peace Operations. The package may lend itself to a wider audience. Additionally, it is noted that the military and police leadership from member states at their national peacekeeping training institutions, course directors, and instructors of military and police schools will benefit from these materials.

Operational Logistics RTP 


Structure of the Training Materials 

Module 1:      Addressing the challenges of working and communicating in a multicultural environment

Module 2:      Engaging with the UN system and Mission

Module 3:      Planning in a United Nations Peace Mission

Annex A: Lesson Presentations 

- Module 1 (Addressing the challenges of working and communicating in a multicultural environment)  

- Module 2 (Engaging with the UN system and Mission)   

- Module 3 (Planning in a United Nations Peace Mission)  

Annex B:  Tabletop Exercise (TTX); Scenario-based Exercise (SBE)

- TTX Map and Presentation Slides  

Annex C:  References

- COE Manual 2020   

- OPLOG RTP Reference Guide 

Full Package (OPLOG)