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Peacekeeping Resource Hub

The Peacekeeping Resource Hub hosts relevant peacekeeping guidance and training materials for Member States to train prospective peacekeepers. It contains both guidance and training documents on a variety of thematic areas including on Child Protection,

The Mission-Specific Induction Training Standards are mandatory for all peacekeeping personnel (including military, police, international and national civilian staff and UN Volunteers) upon arrival to the mission. The aim of the Mission-Specific Induction Training Standards for peacekeeping personnel is to equip peacekeepers with knowledge of issues that are considered to be of importance to the mission and will enhance their early integration into the system and also facilitate commencement of early support to mission operations.

Integrated Induction Training
Specialised Induction

Induction Training refers to training that is delivered to DPO/DOS headquarters staff upon arrival at United Nations headquarters in New York or as part of mission-specific training that is delivered for new recruits in a DPO-led mission. This may include generic and specialized training, including training for military police and civilian personnel.

Suggested Induction Schedule Template  


Specialised Topics: Those that are needed for each component to fulfill their tasks.


Self-paced Online Induction Courses

In keeping with the overall objective of strengthening staff awareness about crosscutting issues of importance to the UN and peacekeeping missions, and to facilitate staff integration into the system, ITS collaborated with some subject specialists and mission trainers to develop self-paced online courses that could be studied by new staff just before entry into missions or as part of the induction training package. The major contents of the courses which have been adapted for mission use are drawn from the updated Core Pre-deployment Training Materials (CPTM) for peacekeeping personnel. 

  • UN Core Values and Competencies
  • UN Mission Structure
  • HIV and AIDS in Peacekeeping
  • UN Aviation Safety Awareness
  • Landmines and Explosives Remnants of War
  • Integrating Gender into Peacekeeping Operations
  • UN Peacekeeping Operations: An Introduction
  • United Nations Civil-Military Coordination
  • UN Respect for Diversity

These courses are accessible to all staff via INSPIRA > "Main Menu" > "Self Service" > "Learning" > "My Learning" > “Browse Catalog" > “Working for the UN" > “Induction Training".

United Nations Volunteers and uniformed personnel may also have access to the courses via the site by using their INSPIRA LMS account > "Main Menu" > "Self Service" > "Learning" > "My Learning" > Enter the Course Title in "Search Learning Catalog" pane. 

Training or learning activity for military, police, or civilian peacekeeping personnel undertaken during their duty assignment, subsequent to induction, at Headquarters or in a peacekeeping mission. It may include "refresher" training for reinforcing previous individual or collective training and "on-the -job training" to address gaps in attributes, skills and knowledge or enhancement of skills in different areas and at different stages of deployment. It may be based on individual or mission or organisational needs. 

Mandatory Training

Other Training

The Organization requires that all staff members including uniformed personnel take the Mandatory courses listed. In addition to these, other courses are required for certain groups of staff as laid out in the subsequent sections. These courses are accessible in various ways. Some are only available online through the INSPIRA system which is also the easiest way for tracking and recording completion of mandatory courses.  To register log into INSPIRA go to Main Menu – Self-service – Learning – My Learning.

Click on the link to download the list of mandatory courses for each personnel category:

  • Civilian
  • Military
  • Police

Please contact your mission’s Integrated Mission Training Centre (IMTC) or training focal points for the schedule and other details of the trainings.


In Mission Training

In-mission training refers to all training activities and learning initiatives undertaken after deployment to missions, by military, police, or civilian peacekeeping personnel. It includes induction training delivered on arrival, to equip peacekeepers with knowledge of issues considered to be important to the UN and the mission and sharing of information required by incoming personnel to enhance their early integration into the system. It also includes ongoing training activities undertaken during their duty assignment, subsequent to induction.