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Peacekeeping Resource Hub

The Peacekeeping Resource Hub hosts relevant peacekeeping guidance and training materials for Member States to train prospective peacekeepers. It contains both guidance and training documents on a variety of thematic areas including on Child Protection,

Peacekeeping Resource Hub

The Peacekeeping Resource Hub is designed to serve as the primary resource for Member States, Peacekeeping Training Institutes, Peacekeeping Operations and the UN's partners on peacekeeping-related issues in all six official languages. It serves as a repository for all official DPO and DPPA training and guidance materials, and provides links to other related UN documents and resources. It also offers links to real-time news and updates in the United Nations peacekeeping world.

Policy, Evaluation and Training Division

The Policy, Evaluation and Training Division (DPET) is mandated to develop and disseminate the policy and doctrine guiding the work of Peacekeeping Operations. In addition, the division has the responsibility to evaluate, at the request of the heads of the departments, how those policies are being applied, gather lessons learned and best practices, and use that information to guide the development, coordination and delivery of standardized training, so as to complete the learning cycle. DPET is also responsible for developing and maintaining strategic cooperation with various UN and external partners.


Policy and Best Practice Service

The Policy and Best Practice Service is mandated to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of peacekeeping operations through the exchange of good practices between missions, the development of guidance material that reflects lessons learned, and thematic policy support in selected areas (Gender, HIV/AIDS, Civil Affairs, and Child Protection). In this role PBPS coordinates the network of Best Practices Officers in the field and provides guidance on capturing best practices through the ‘Best Practices Toolbox’. With regards to guidance development PBPS acts as the secretariat for the Expanded Senior Management Team (E-SMT) as well as DPO’s policy review body. 

Integrated Training Service

The Integrated Training Service (ITS) is responsible for the direction and coordination of peacekeeping training. The Service addresses priority areas of pre-deployment training aimed at enhancing peacekeepers’ capabilities to implement mission mandates. ITS provides support to troop- and police-contributing countries by developing training standards and materials, and providing technical advice and reviewing training courses. Within the Secretariat ITS focuses on cross-cutting training needs for DPO-DOS and facilitates specific substantive or technical training carried out at Headquarters and in the field. The Service also delivers civilian pre-deployment training as sell as senior leadership and management training. 

Evaluation Team

The work of the Evaluation Team is guided by the principles of utility, transparency and independence. A member of the United Nations Evaluation Group, the Evaluation Team also works in close partnership with the Inspection and Evaluation Division of the Office of Internal Oversight Services, Business Transformation and Accountability Division of the Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance as well as the Office of Peacekeeping Strategic Partnership of DPKO.