Peacekeeping Resource Hub: CPTM

Functional Training

Core Pre-Deployment Training Materials


The Core Pre-deployment Training Materials (CPTM) represent the essential knowledge required by all peacekeeping personnel – military, police and civilians – to function effectively in a UN peacekeeping operation. The materials should be used as the core resource for any UN pre-deployment training course.

The CPTM is intended to provide a shared understanding of the basic principles, guidelines and policies of UN peacekeeping. These standards guide peacekeeping personnel as they carry out critical tasks to assist countries in the transition from conflict to peace. CPTM 2017 has been updated with a strengthened curriculum.

This includes cross-cutting themes and priorities such as conduct and discipline, sexual exploitation and abuse, the protection of civilians, human rights, gender mainstreaming, conflict related sexual violence, child protection, and environmental protection.

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* Pre-deployment training includes an awareness of precautions required to be taken by uniformed personnel against contracting COVID-19. Please click COVID 19 Pre-deployment awareness Training (UN C-PAT) to download.