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STM on Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Personnel

STM on Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Personnel


The course aims to increase knowledge of UN policies on sexual exploitation and abuse, including prohibited behaviour and the consequences and impact of sexual misconduct on personnel, field operations and host populations. It comprises common core lessons and assessment for all personnel and a specific additional lesson and assessment for managers and commanders.

The course is now available in six UN languages in three version:

  • The version for ‘commanders’ called: ‘Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Personnel for Commanders’ 
  • The version for ‘managers’ called: ‘Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Personnel for Managers’.
  • The version for ‘all other types of personnel’ called: ‘Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Personnel’.

Learners should select the appropriate language version when enrolling for a course.

All versions have been made available in different formats to best respond to local contexts (limited internet connection and computers available):

  • The e-learning self-paced course is available on Inspira.
  • The power-point presentations to be delivered to a group of learners (e.g. 20 learners) or to an individual learner, if the internet connection is not available or reliable.

The version for commanders and managers is longer as it has an extra lesson (lesson 4 on command and managerial responsibilities).

The questions in the final assessment are different in each version of the course as they have been tailored to each target audience. The final assessment file is password protected. Please contact Conduct and Discipline Service for the password at

Target audience

All personnel of peace operations.

Guidance for facilitators

A guidance note has been developed to support facilitators.

La formation technique - La formation spécialisée: prévention de l’exploitation et des atteintes sexuelles 

Military Aide Mémoire: Commanders’ Guide on Measures to Combat Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in United Nations Military

This Aide-Mémoire serves to generate adequate awareness on sexual exploitation and abuse and the many UN measures against the scourge. Therefore, the objective of this Aide-Memoire is to provide you, the commander, with a quick reference to the UN measures against sexual exploitation and abuse, including clearly defined command responsibilities. The Aide-Memoire complements relevant training guidance prior to and during deployment to UN peacekeeping operations. It is intended for all UN military commanders. Moreover, the document may also be a useful resource to UN military observers as well as other entities committed to service under the UN.

English   Français   عربي   中文   Portuguese    Русский    Español


'No Excuse' Pocket Cards

The ‘No Excuse’ cards include a concise and portable statement of the UN rules and prohibitions related to sexual exploitation and abuse, and contact details - to be provided by the missions and duty stations - for reporting allegations. These are to be distributed to all deployed UN personnel, affiliated staff, implementing partners and contractors.

'No Excuse' flyer

(EN) (FR) (ES) (ZH) (AR) (RU)

              'No Excuse' pocket cards (2 pages)
(EN) (FR) (ES) (ZH) (AR) (RU(HI) (NE)
'No Excuse' pocket cards (4 pages)
(EN) (FR) (ES) (ZH) (AR) (RU)
'No Excuse' InDesign set 
(EN) (FR) (ES) (ZH) (AR) (RU


Please visit the page for Specialized Training Materials for more on Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Personnel

DPO-DOS joint Message to Staff on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations, Mr. Jean-Pierre Lacroix and Under-Secretary-General for Operational Support, Mr. Atul Khare, talk to us about sexual exploitation and abuse by UN Peace Operations personnel. Ending sexual exploitation and abuse is an uphill battle, fought every day in Headquarters, in Missions and in our field offices. Through this message, they share their determination to bring justice to victims and seek our renewed commitment towards ending this form of abuse.

Download the DPO-DOS joint message to peacekeeping staff on sexual exploitation and abuse. This message is intended for use in internal training and outreach activities such as Town Halls, pre-deployment training or induction courses: (EN) (FR)

E-learning programme: prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse [trailer]