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Specialised Training Materials - UN Infantry Battalions

“Congratulations on the training material produced in support of the UN Infantry  Battalions. Based on my experience, I can say that the UNIBAT STM is an excellent pre-deployment training package. It is a source of knowledge and understanding of UN peace operations. The tactical exercises use examples based on real situations on the ground.

Preparation of military troops with these materials will bring better operational performance, safety for UN personnel and facilities, more civilian protection and important results for UN Peace Operations”.

Lieutenant General Carlos Alberto dos Santos Cruz

STM-UN Infantry Battalions

STM for UN Infantry Battalions

In accordance with the UNGA resolution 49/37, the Pre-Deployment Training (PDT) is a national responsibility and requests the UN Secretariat to issue the standardised training guidance to this effect. The Specialised Training Materials (STM) for UN Infantry Battalions (UNIBAT) are published to standardise the PDT of all Infantry units deploying to UN Peace operations.

The UNIBAT STM is intended to provide troop-contributing countries with a comprehensive training package that combines the conceptual, legal, and operational frameworks for Infantry Battalions and Companies, and other UN Military Units with Infantry capabilities, i.e., UN Special Forces units. This package includes small exercises and a larger capstone scenario-based exercise, which can be run at the end of the training to strengthen the understanding of the planning processes at the tactical level of Peacekeeping Operations. The training package is designed for application during the PDT but can also be used for in-mission training.

The target audience of this package is trainers of military decision-makers, leaders, and staff at the tactical level from Sector Headquarters to the company levels. The materials may lend themselves to a wider audience. The audience for this STM package includes personnel identified as military commanders, decision-makers and staff officers (including Force and Sector Headquarters), who, during their UN deployment, may be assigned to, employ, coordinate, or perform missions with UNIBAT. Additionally, it is noted that the military leadership from member states at their national peacekeeping training institutions, course directors, and instructors of military schools will benefit from these materials.

STM for UN Infantry Battalion 

Structure of the Training Materials 

Module 1:      Conceptual Framework 

Module 2:      Legal Framework 

Module 3:      Operational Framework 

Annex A: Lesson Presentations 

- Module 1 (Conceptual Framework)  

- Module 2 (Legal Framework)   

- Module 3 (Operational Framework)  

Annex B:  Tabletop Exercise (TTX); Scenario-based Exercise (SBE)

- TTX Map and Presentation Slides  

- TTX Scenario and Instructions  

Annex C:  References

United Nations Case Study Handbook on Gender, Peace and Security for United Nations Infantry Battalions in Peace Operations and Other Military Personnel

- Military Peacekeeping-Intelligence Handbook   

- POC Guidelines MilComp OMA  

- Policy Authority Command Control   

- UN DPO Handling Detainees 2021   

- UNIBAM 2020.01.  

Annex D:   Effects Based Operations (MDMP)

- Effects Based Operations (MDMP)  

- Effects Based Operations PowerPoint Slide Presentations   

Annex E:    IED and Explosive Awareness Training 

- Explosive Hazards Awareness Training (EHAT)

- All Arms Search Course (AASC)  

- IED Training Materials - Block of INF STM  

* Kindly provide feedback on the IED training materials to the email: UNMAS Mobile Training Team

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