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Specialised Training Materials - UN Military Observers

Specialised Training Materials - UN Military Observers


The UN Department of Peace Operations (DPO) has developed a suite of training packages to prepare peacekeepers for their deployment in missions. Amongst these packages are the Specialised Training Materials for specific military duties and military units. In the current peacekeeping environment, United Nations Military Observers (UNMO) are frequently unarmed and operating in remote areas with fragile security conditions. UNMO roles of monitoring and supervising ceasefires, truces and armistice are evolving and adapting in this new complex operational environment. UNMO are required to undergo a more robust pre-deployment training program in accordance with DPO's Operational Readiness Assurance and Performance Standards. This revised Specialised Training Material packet will provide member states with the UN pre-deployment requirements, lesson plans, and materials specifically designed for UNMO.  This STM replaces the guidelines and training materials outlined in United Nations Military Experts on Mission (MEOM / March 2010) designed for Military Liaison Officers (MLOs), UNMO, and Military Advisers (MILADs). 


The aim of these training materials is to provide member states with a comprehensive training package that combines the Conceptual, Legal, and Operational Frameworks.  The STM mainstreams relevant aspects of the Protection of Civilians, Gender, Security Risk Management (SRM) and IED safety into the frameworks and materials. The STM includes small learning activities / exercises, as well as, a more comprehensive scenario-based exercise, which can be run at the end of a course to strengthen participants’ understanding how better to operate in a UN Peacekeeping environment. The training packages are designed for application in both pre-deployment and in-mission training.

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