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Specialised Training Materials on Child Protection Staff in UN Missions

Specialised Training Materials on Child Protection Staff in UN Missions

The training aims to build the technical capacity of DPO child protection staff to ensure the effective implementation of the child protection mandate. The materials provide an interactive learning component to accompany the ‘2019 DPO-DPPA Manual for Child Protection Staff in United Nations Peace Operations’ and support the practical implementation of the ‘2017 DPKO-DFS-DPA Policy on Child Protection in United Nations Peace Operations’ in the field. The training can also serve as an opportunity for respective child protection teams to review their strategic priorities and actions and develop new ideas to strengthen their work. 

The training’s primary target audience are child protection staff in UN field missions, including national and international child protection advisers, officers, assistants, and UN Volunteers. To fully benefit from the training, trainees should be familiar with relevant institutional mandates, organizational structures, and policies within the UN as well as guidelines and approaches relating to child protection, including the relevant legal framework on child protection. Trainees deployed in peacekeeping missions should also have taken the UN pre-deployment training course, which represents the essential knowledge required by all peacekeeping personnel to function effectively in a UN peacekeeping operation. 

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Manual for Child Protection Staff in UN Peace Operations (English)

Manuel à l’intention des spécialistes de la protection de l’enfance dans les opérations de paix des Nations Unies (French)