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Specialised Training Materials - UN Military Units

Specialised Training Materials for United Nations Military Units


The UN Departments of Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support have developed a suite of training packages to prepare peacekeepers for their deployment in missions. Amongst these packages are the Specialised Training Materials for specific United Nations Military Units (UNMU).

Initially, the Office of Military Affairs (OMA) developed a series of Military Unit Manuals (UNMUM) designed to provide unit and sub-unit commanders as well as peacekeeping staff and other personnel with a Reference Guide on how to prepare specific military units to undertake their tasks in United Nations peacekeeping operations. The manuals cover the areas of Aviation, Engineers, Force Headquarters Support, Logistics, Maritime Operations, Military Police, Riverine, Signals, Special Forces and Transport.  The Integrated Training Service (ITS) followed up these manuals with the production of Specialised Training Materials (STMs) in collaboration with subject matter experts from Member States.


The aim of these training materials is to provide troop-contributing countries with a comprehensive training package that combines the Conceptual, Legal, and Operational Frameworks for specific type of units. The STMs also mainstream relevant aspects of the Protection of Civilians into frameworks / material. The STM includes small exercises, as well as a more comprehensive scenario-based exercise, which can be run at the end of a course to strengthen participants’ understanding on how to better operate in a UN Peacekeeping environment. The training packages are designed for application in both pre-deployment and in-mission training.

Target audience

The priority target audience of this STM package are military decision makers, staff officers, and tactical level unit leaders. However, leadership at all levels that supervise, support and coordinate with the specific unit may benefit from this material.


ITS would like to thank the subject matter experts from across the UN system, Member States and other regional and international organisations who provided feedback during the drafting process, and the numerous training personnel from national peacekeeping training institutions and field missions who participated in the development and consultation workshops. A special acknowledgement to the following Member States and their Permanent Missions to the UN for their contribution in the following STM development:

Military Aviation Units:                 Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Military Engineers Units:             Japan
Military Logistics Units:               Commonwealth of Australia
Military Police Units:                    Italian Republic
Military Riverine Units:                Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Military Signals Units:                  Republic of India
Military Transport Units:              People's Republic of Bangladesh
Force HQ Support Units:             Republic of the Philippines
Maritime Task Force:                   Federative Republic of Brazil
Special Forces Units:                  French Republic 


The Specialised Training Materials (STMs) for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations have been developed by the Integrated Training Service (ITS) of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations and Department of Field Support.

This version has been released for use by Member States in their pre-deployment training for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations. The suite of STM products will be regularly updated so that it is fully responsive to the needs on the ground. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you check for updated versions before a training programme is conducted.

This document may be reproduced for educational or non-profit purposes without special permission from the copyright holder, provided acknowledgment of the source is made.  This document is not to be sold.

All photographs have been sourced from the UN and the public domain, unless otherwise indicated.

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